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Exploration & Production

We offer outstanding services from exploration to pruduction ensure safe operation for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing resources. Our mission is to provide high-quality and timely services to develop solutions for upcoming exploration and production challenges. In this part PDSCO Company can providing services in following fields:

  • Geology: determination of sedimentary environments, diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy and fossil content.
  • Geochemistry: TOC content, source rock maturation, burial history and age dating
  • Geophysics: seismic operation design, data processing, interpretation, seismic inversion and AVO
  • Geomechanic: wellbore stability, hydraulic fracturing, geomechanical modeling
  • Petrophysics: petrophysical evaluation (Deterministic and probabilistic)
  • Reservoir engineering: reservoir simulation, EOR